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Clipper Race Founder Clipper Race Sir Robin Knox-Johnston meets future crew members Jerome Riga and Donna von Tunk 3-JPG

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race Founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston meets future crew members at St Katharine Dock, London, as Musto is unveiled as the new Technical Clothing Partner for the 2019-20 and 2021-2022 editions of the 40,000 nautical mile challenge. The Clipper Race is unique in that it trains non-professionals to be ocean faring sailors, and this was the first time Donna Von Tunk (a chiropractor from Bedford) and Jerome Riga (a London based software developer from Guadeloupe) had been aboard one of the event’s 70 foot ocean racing yachts, which will be their home for eleven months. During the last edition of the Clipper Race, participants battled ‘phenomenal sea states’ with 14-metre-high waves, hurricane force winds, boat speeds up to 35 knots (equivalent to 40 mph), extreme heat and freezing conditions. Musto kit is tested to its absolute limits, including in the Southern Ocean where it needs to be engineered for the wettest environments and will protect crew against the harsh conditions that Mother Nature brings


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